Welcome to our website! We hope you find value in our selection and service. It is our pleasure to serve you through our website and hope that you'll also visit us at our store location some time soon!

Our brand is now proudly available in over 105 countries throughout the world, helping to create the No. 1 Workwear brand on the globe. We truly appreciate your support and business to achieve this esteemed status.

The success outside of the USA has been due to the investment of loyal distributors, licensees and affiliates in these countries. These companies invest in local marketing, customer service and infrastructure to build the Dickies business locally.

To support the development of the brand in these markets, we have maintained a policy which prohibits resale of products to overseas customers. This is outlined in catalogs and account applications with our domestic (U.S.) retailers.

In order to enforce this policy, we have implemented a proprietary tracking system which permits us to identify the account that is the source of the products being sold in international markets.

Again, we appreciate your support of the brand and ask that you adhere to the policy to prevent any interruption of your deliveries or closure of your account.

Granny and Eddie II